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Privacy policy and cookies

Personal data of our users are our top priority. We take special care to not only achieve all demands for personal data protection, but we tend to exceed these demands, since we are fully aware of delicate nature of this matter.

To be able to make business together Wellbie collects the following users’ data:

  • Name and surname,
  • Address, city and country,
  • E-mail address (username),
  • mobile number,
  • password (encrypted form),
  • other data that user fills in on Wellbie site.

We are not responsible for accuracy of data filled in by users.


To enable best security we also collect IP addresses that are used to reach our web site. At the beginning of the visit  each user is assigned a session cookie for identification and use of shopping cart.  Wellbie can store to your computer among others also the following cookies: identification number of user in encrypted form (to recognise user on the next visit), product rating (so you know, which one you have already rated) and Google Analytics cookies (analysis of page visits).

All data except for cookies are permanently stored on Wellbie server. Session cookies are stored on server only for the duration of the visit and are deleted after an hour of inactivity. Permanent cookies are stored on visitor’s computer.

Web site owner Creativ can use data in an anonymous summarised form to perform statistical analysis. Under any circumstance the data will not be given to any unauthorised persons. We share only delivery addresses with our courier service provider. We contact users by means of distance communication only if they don’t explicitly object.


Exceptional disclosure of personal information

The information collected and processed by Wellbie will only be disclosed if such an obligation is required by law or in good faith that such action is necessary for proceedings before courts or other governmental authorities and for the protection and pursuit of Wellbies legitimate interests.


About cookies

What is a cookie and what is its purpose?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computers browser directory when you visit a website. Through use of cookies website can recognise you, remember data from your visit and enable you easy and user-friendly browsing. Cookies help us adjust our website content, remember your preferences and register visits to our website. Cookies make browsing our site better, faster and above all more effective.


List of cookies that we use

Name of the cookie



AdForm - TPC, GCM, uid

To analize sales effected through different channels and retargeting of users.

Does not expire

AdWords - A, AdsUserLocale, I, SAG, aptenv, mid

To collect anonymous statistics of sale, page visits and retargeting of users.

90 days

Google Analytics - utma

Statistics of page views.

2 years

Google Analytics- utmb

Statistics of page views – regarding the time of landing on our web site.

30 min

Google Analytics - utmc

Statistics of page views – regarding the time of leaving our web site.

When browser is closed

Google Analytics - utmz

Statistics of page views and track of sales through different channels.

6 months

Google Analytics - utmv

Enables segmentation of site users.

2 years

Google Analytics - ga

Statistics of page views and analysis of effected sales through different channels.

6 months

Google Analytics - cid

Statistics of page views and analysis of effected sales through different channels.

6 months


Necessary cookie, enables Wellbie system operation

When browser is closed


Display of cookie notification

Does not expire

Facebook pixel – enables FB remarketing

6 months

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